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Page search improved

We’ve improved our search feature (on the right of this page) so that all pages of the site are searched. Previously only posts like this one were being searched and not ‘static’ pages such as our FAQ or Manual. With this improvement, it is now well worth doing a search if you come across a problem or want more info on something.

RSS Feature now in testing

We’ve been quietly testing an often requested feature which is RSS feeds for WorldTV channels. First suggested to us by tech blogger Robert Scoble, we’ve been tweaking the formatting of it the past couple of weeks, and while those tweaks are still ongoing, you can start experimenting with it right away (if RSS is your bag) by simply adding /rss onto the end of any WorldTV channel URL. (Eg.

Not everyone ‘gets’ RSS but basically in our case it means that viewers can be notified automatically when your WorldTV channel is updated. Anyone who uses an RSS reader such as Google Reader can now get updates when you add new content to your channel. If you’ve not tried Google Reader, it’s worth a try.

Twitter community now on WorldTV

We’ve added a WorldTV Community section to the right of these pages for all our Twitter followers. It displays the thoughts and musings of some 200 WorldTV users who are active on Twitter. If you don’t know what Twitter is and don’t get it, fear not, we didn’t either at first. What changed everything for us was trying the excellent and free Twitterrific for Mac, which makes Twittering as easy as instant messaging. If you’re on a PC, an equivalent and highly rated program is Twhirl. You don’t need either of these programs to use Twitter, but they do make the experience a lot more compelling. Sign up to join our Twitter community here.

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