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Posted by on Nov 24, 2007 in General News | 4 comments

By now all those who signed up for our public beta have received an e-mail from us with an invitation to try out the service. So far, over 1000 of you have responded by creating a channel, and we welcome every one of you!

This includes people from all four corners of the globe, and this is particularly exciting for us. We really want WorldTV to represent an entire world of cultures and taste, and we are taking measures to ensure an even distribution of users across the globe. We will be launching multi-language capability in a matter of weeks not months, and if you are interested in translating a language for us, then please get in touch.

The WorldTV beta is initially limited to the first 10,000 people who sign up. There’s no complex invitation system, just first-come, first-served until we release another batch of channels. We are doing this to ensure the project scales well and that everyone has a fair and democratic opportunity to get a decent ‘spot on the dial’ – to make sure everyone has a chance to get an attractive channel URL. This will also give us a chance to look at everyone’s stuff, and to start featuring those who would like some publicity for their channels.

If you have friends who you think would be interested in WorldTV, now would be an opportune time to let them know. We’ll be introducing features for linking your channel with those of your friends in the future, and it would be good to have them involved now if this sounds like a feature you (or your friends) might be interested in.

A large part of our plans is to find effective ways to feature and promote people’s channels to a global audience. We’ll be launching a cool new ‘Watch’ page very soon which will showcase channels from around the world and allow users to find interesting channels created by interesting people. Other cool tools for promoting and featuring channels will follow. A system for seeing how many people have visited your channel and from where is also in advanced development.

WorldTV is a collective effort by a passionate group of people who are based in 7 different countries. We really want to create the very best tools for a global audience to work with online video. You can play a part in this by providing feedback (which is greatly valued) and helping us spread the word to those people who will get the most out of it.

Thank you for checking out our site, and if you’ve not done so already, consider subscribing to this page’s RSS feed or getting updates sent by e-mail.

Welcome to WorldTV!


  1. I cannot log into my editor or site but I can see the player on my blog?? I am thinking maybe its just a downtime issue??

    Also the logo is blocking the Volume controls small or large screen?

    I like what I see so far, keep it up!


  2. Hi Chaz, thanks for your comments. At this time our player is designed for larger sizes, going up to full-screen. We are working on a smaller player, but for now we recommend those who wish to embed our player do so at a minimum of 800 pixels wide. This will avoid the problem you describe.

  3. It seems cool. BTW, is it possible to search videos by different languages (say, Korean)? I can not fill the text field in Korean. Thank you.

  4. Wonseok, thanks for highlighting the problem with Korean text input. We are going to check on this with our dev team.

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