WorldTV adds feedback and suggestion feature

Posted by on Mar 29, 2008 in Change Log, General News | 0 comments

WorldTV Feedback and suggestion feature 2To the left of your browser you should see a new small ‘Feedback’ tab hanging off the side of the page.

Since we value your feedback and suggestions a great deal, we’ve added this new feature so you can participate more fully and easily in the conversation regarding future features for WorldTV.

Similar to Digg, you can vote on features and suggestions to show which ones you feel most passionately about. It’s easy to use just like everything on WorldTV, and there’ll be speedy responses from our team indicating when suggested features might be introduced. You can also use the Feedback feature to send private suggestions directly to our development team.

Please note the feedback tab is not intended for customer support issues! For these, please continue to use

Why not suggest a new feature for WorldTV now?

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