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Have you ever wanted to have your own channel on TV? Ever wanted to become your own media mogul?

Well now’s your chance…

WorldTV offers the world’s leading platform for individuals and groups to create their own TV channel on the web. Now WorldTV is offering 3 lucky winners the opportunity to get their channel onto TV – for real.

Using WorldTV’s insanely easy-to-use video platform, anyone can create a TV channel out of a collection of video clips. WorldTV turns those clips into a full screen linear TV channel. This includes a channel logo, EPG, and a full suite of tools for managing the channel content.

If you’ve ever had the idea for a TV station, and think you have the talents to run one, now’s your chance to prove it! All that is needed is some creativity, an idea, and some great and unique content.

The Prize

We are offering three 1st prizes. Each prize includes the following:

  • Your channel will be professionally converted into a Boxee app – the hottest connected TV platform on the planet. With a Boxee app, your channel will be viewable on the stunning new Boxee Box (and millions of installed Boxee desktop clients worldwide). You’ll have full ownership of the app and channel, and will be able to develop it, promote it and change the content as you wish.
  • Your very own Boxee Box… to see your channel on TV!
  • A VIP package consisting of all available PRO features for 3 years
  • Your channel, if selected, will be used in a VIP presentation to leading executives from the TV industry as an example of ‘people-powered TV’. These executives directly control the channels which appear on the EPG in over 150 million homes, and have stated a strong desire to find alternatives sources of modern and progressive content for their channels.
  • Prominent profiling on WorldTV as a featured channel and in WorldTV’s various directories

To enter the competition please follow the rules below. Entry deadline is Dec 31st 2010 at midnight GMT.

Entry Rules

  1. Create a WorldTV channel (or adapt an existing one) that meets the following criteria:-
    • At least 10 clips in the playlist
    • At least 80% of the clips are in HD. That means 720p resolution or higher.
    • You own the copyright in the videos yourself or have (or can realistically get) permission to use them. You can also use videos that are in the public domain (generally very old videos) or videos that fall under ‘fair use’ from a copyright perspective. Please research public domain and fair use before relying on these provisions. This video is a great primer on copyright. For the avoidance of doubt, you cannot use YouTube clips or other clips you find on the web unless you own the copyright in them yourself or can obtain permission to use them.
    • Is suitable for presenting in a business-like setting.
    • Can be in any language but it is recommended that at least 50% of the clips have English sub-titles.
  2. You should be capable of communicating in English. The competition will be run in English.
  3. All entries must be made on this form. Any other submissions (eg by email) will be rejected.
  4. No correspondence will be entered into. The Editor’s decision is final.
  5. You must provide a working email address.
  6. You must be aged 16 or over, or have someone 16 or over helping you.
  7. Multiple entries by an individual are allowed. Multiple entries of the same channel are not allowed.
  8. This competition is run by WorldTV and is not affiliated with Boxee or any other Company.
  9. We reserve the right to extend or re-open the competition if there are insufficient entries.
  10. Winners will be announced on this blog within 4 weeks of the final close of the competition.
  11. WorldTV will not obtain any copyright in the entries you make but will have the right to publicize the winner and winning entry and demonstrate the channel to TV executives as indicated under ‘Prizes’.
  12. Clips can be hosted on any site that WorldTV supports (eg YouTube, Vimeo), but you must own, have permission to use, or can realistically obtain permission to use each and every clip. Winners will be required to provide the source video files for each clip following the competition.


  • There are no specific themes we are looking for but the channel should demonstrate a ‘professional TV channel concept’. The name, logo and selection of clips should all reflect your concept.
  • Think about what you can uniquely offer that someone else can’t. It might be a hobby, profession or interest, or it might be locale based such as a TV channel for a specific town or area. Ideally it would be something that doesn’t already exist on TV, or where you have a completely new spin on an existing idea.
  • The more professional your channel looks, the better. Be sure to have a great logo, and if you can make up channel idents, and present or introduce your clips, through voiceovers, on-screen graphics or video introductions, this would reflect well alongside the content you have in your channel.
  • Teachers are welcomed and encouraged to enter their students into the competition.
  • If your content includes clips from what look like major TV or film productions, and are clearly beyond ‘fair use’, be sure to tell us your connection to this content in your entry. We may reject entries out of hand if we think it unlikely an entrant has, or can realistically obtain, rights to use such content.
  • Come and talk to us on Facebook if you have any questions. We will be actively answering questions there throughout the competition.
  • Good luck!

Enter the Competition here



  2. My number is 718-755-xxxx I would like to speak with someone regarding TV Thanks

    (staff – phone number redacted)

  3. Entendi, ja tenho um canal com os clips posso utilizar esse mesmo canal? se puder, a inscrição poderá ser essa

  4. Thanks for this competition and please watch my web tv on this link – i hope you like it.

  5. listo ya estoy, aqui pa´las que sean con worldtv

  6. thank you very much worldtv group its very good thing and i will be hoping to be one of the winners

  7. i hope every one would like to watch independent web tv ilke worldtv and its the leading one in the world so you can watch this link

  8. I entered. And I HOPE I WIN!

  9. Great ideas.This was one I was looking out for.But a small hitch.About the content and copy right matters.
    Let us create something which is unique and have value.
    I am trying from now own to have a Tv channel.Wonderfull.
    Regards to all at Work in Worldtv

  10. i want to be on tv

  11. Xin cảm Æ¡n WorldTV đã gá»­i thÆ° Ä‘iện tá»­ về “TV Mogun”. Tôi rất quan tâm đến TV Mogun và Ä‘ang thiết kế trang Web TV AZVietNam.

    Thank you WorldTV for your email on the “TV Mogun. I am very interested “TV Mogun” and designing the Web “AZVietNam TV”.

  12. Very Good

  13. Bien Jespere Gagne Ce Concour

  14. deadline is dec 31st but you are no longer accepting submissions why?

  15. Muy agradecido estoy de WorldTV por la oportunidad de tener este Canal de Himnos Cristianos, está tercero en el listado de canales Chilenos.

    Muchas gracias..

    Domingo Montecinos I

  16. Hakim, this was a technical error with the entry form which has now been repaired. Thanks.

  17. thank you WorldTV,quero ser um dos treis vencedores.

  18. Well! I’m just glad that You guys are doing more and more to motivate us, And also I want to thank you guys for the service you give to us.
    Thanx Again!


  20. The great thing of the competition is that is challenging and encouraging!.
    The only thing I have to say is:
    “Keep up the good work WORLDTV”.

    Merry Christmas to all!. God bless you!.

  21. HI!!!!!!!!! I hope that they look at my channel because I like to take part of the competition and hope that they like our program!!

  22. Hi guys, what a great idea, I wish I had enough clips to put up ten, but as I have just started my channel, maybe next year, however, I hope that you folks enjoy my cooking clips and mini photo movies , more coming in the next few weeks. Good Luck to all entrants and Wishing you all a wonderful New Year.

    Keep up the Good Work xxxx
    Christina (aka)

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