WorldTV is on Facebook, recent issues

Posted by on Apr 9, 2010 in General News | 3 comments

WTV-is-on-FacebookWorldTV now has a regularly maintained Facebook page where we are answering questions from our users, providing basic support, and entertaining lively discussions with our channel owners. Our Facebook users (fans) are posting links to their channels, uploading their channel logos and channel ident videos, and telling other Facebook users about their channels and what they are trying to achieve with WorldTV. Why not come join in the fun? It’s just getting started.

The Facebook page was particularly useful recently when we experienced a serious outtage this week that affected significant operations of the Editor, including the ability to add new videos. Due to a simultaneous problem that affected our incoming email, we were unaware of this problem, as people were unable to email our support. Were it not for our Facebook page – where several users had reported the problem, the outtage may have lasted longer than it did. In future we encourage using Facebook to notify us of any bugs and talk to us in general.

We greatly regret the issues that happened this week and sincerely apologize to any users it affected. Improved support is a key area for progress as we gear up for coming out of Beta later this year, and the Facebook page is a significant step forward.


  1. hi sir,

    Your concept is very good and very nice

    but i have 3 issues

    1. When im adding a video from youtube (either by url or search) it is taking more time.(this is problem to me because i have lots of videos nearly 200)

    2. Can u provide the option of adding videos by url in bulk i mean batch adding youtube files( let say a list of ten url of youtube and add)

    3. can you provide more skins or themes to display that would make more convincing to show to the user

  2. Thanks for your comments. The ‘bulk add’ feature is something we can offer and more skins/themes is a priority for us. We’ll see what we can do about the ‘bulk add’ and will be in touch. Thanks!

  3. Sou um fã ad TVWorld, e por este motivo estou aqui com mais ua de minhas redes criadas através do ning work.

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