WorldTV Set Top Box Project is born

Posted by on Jul 20, 2009 in General News | 10 comments

WorldTV Set Top Box PrototypeHave you ever wished it was easy to watch online video on your TV? Surf the likes of YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe and WorldTV from the comfort of your living room chair?

We’ve thought a lot about this idea and decided to build a prototype device that would make this really simple. Trademark WorldTV user-friendliness applied to a consumer electronics device, if you will.

Luckily our Founder knows a thing or two about this kind of thing and is heading up a project to build our first prototype. You can follow along and build your own set top box with the guide that he’s developing.

Read more about it on the WorldTV Projects Page


  1. This is an AWESOME project!

  2. quero compartilhar de todos os canais de tv,porque gosto da world por ter variedade, entao me afilio neste site.

  3. hi this new project seems very interesting and this gives us a great service and is very helpful.

    hola este nuevo proyecto me parece super interesante y muy chevre lo que proponen esto nos brindara un gran servicio y es muy util.

  4. I was hoping someone would do this, fantastic!
    Happy Gardening,Marty

  5. esperamos que este proyecto se haga realidad lo antes posible, ya que seria fantastico

    Fantastic project, hope it becomes a reality

  6. Debe ser bueno.

    Should be good.

  7. es maravilloso poder compartir libremente…es maravilloso les bendigo y deseo filicidades

    It’s wonderful that you are sharing this freely… bless you and thank you

  8. Hola! quisiera saber porqu

  9. Hola quisiera saber porqué los embed players no transmiten, hay que pagar para eso?

  10. Parece muito interessante e vai dar certo.


    It seems very interesting and will work

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