Article in the Irish Independent Newspaper covers WorldTV

Posted by on Jun 19, 2008 in Press Coverage | 2 comments

Ireland’s national newspaper the Irish Independent today ran a feature on the coming ‘TV Revolution’ which includes a nice write-up of WorldTV.

In it our Founder (pictured) talks about the channels everyone is making on WorldTV saying “People are starting to put their own shows together, ranging from music compilations to genre-specific channels such as extreme mountain biking”.

He goes on to say “We’ve worked very hard to make the interface easy to use. There’s no learning curve. My mum’s made a channel and if she can, anyone can!”

The full text of the article can be read on SiliconRepublic and the Irish Independent website.


  1. I highly appreciate this opportunity given to me and my online education website. There’s no more discrimination between those who can afford creating his own Mass Media channel. This great step in development of people’s creativity on the internet is actually just a beginning of some new era in the world television. I wish lasted forever and its founders got what they initially expected their honorable dream to be. Many thanks!

  2. Congratulations. looks like things going well and the Great idea soon become a Great business!. nice doing.

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