Popular Italian technology site gives WorldTV the thumbs up

Posted by on Dec 20, 2008 in Press Coverage | 0 comments

Italia SW is a popular Italian technology site and revisited WorldTV for a review following the launch of our recent EPG feature. A translation of the article is below…

“Remember WorldTV? WorldTV is an aggregator of video clips found on YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace and AOL. Compared to the hundreds of other Video Aggregators found on the Internet WorldTV has proven to be an innovative product, because anyone can create their own custom channel inserting links to favorite videos, all hosted on a video sharing portal.

YouTube is embracing HD video (YouTube has been testing HD video for months) and WorldTV is innovating as well by launching new features.

When we last reviewed WorldTV on Italy SW, WorldTV was a small startup, but now it has over 100,000 channels and also 600,000 users each month. Comparing the numbers of WorldTV to those of these other startups, people might snigger, but this is a victory because this site does not host any videos. Videos are streamed from the main video sharing and embedding sites.

What’s new at WorldTV? The first thing to tell you about is the new player – where a new sidebar is located on the left for the scrolling of videos. The sidebar provides a user experience similar to that of browsing the channels on a Web TV station, but it is individual video clips presented in a specific order or random. Also new on WorldTV is a sidebar on the right – a random list of stations determined using geo-location. This means that we have a high probability of finding stations created by users of our own nationality.

WorldTV is a Web Application to try because we are not just limited to video input, but we can also record broadcasts from our webcam. The most advanced technology is that you can also broadcast programs from your phone, in which case you will need an account on qik.com.”

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