This page centralizes all information about WorldTV special projects.

Become a TV Mogul Initiative


We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a very long time. Our stated mission is to help people become broadcasters, and until very recently WorldTV channels have only been available on the web, not on TV.

With the release of the very excellent Boxee Box in Nov 2010, the world’s first truly open set-top-box (think AppleTV but accessible to outside programmers) we’re committing to supporting Boxee in every way we can, and providing our users an elegant way to get their content into Boxee if they wish.

On Dec 1st 2010 we announced our ‘Become a TV mogul Competition’ to offer 3 lucky winners the prize of a Boxee Box and having their WorldTV channel turned into a Boxee app by a professional app designer and developer. This is the first in a series of initiatives with more exciting announcements to come.

WorldTV Set Top Box Project

WorldTV Set Top Box ProjectHere at WorldTV we like to mess around with unusual and forward thinking hardware projects. Our founder has been building custom TV gear since he was a kid, and this interest translates into many of the cool features you see on WorldTV.

A lot of this experimental work happens without fanfare but occasionally we like to share with you some of the fun. This project fits the bill perfectly.

Alx is working on a project to build a set-top box that would enable people to watch WorldTV on their TV. In fact it could be used to view almost any online video site on a television. While excellent off-the-shelf options now exist (as of Nov 2010), the tutorials here will help anyone thinking of building their own. Even if you’ve never built your own home PC before, these guides will show you how to do it.

How to build your own set-top box part 1
How to build your own set-top box part 2
How to build your own set-top box part 3
How to build your own set-top box part 4

Completed Projects

Previous projects can be found here.