This page shows previous special projects. Part of our mission is to provide imaginative projects which people can get involved in and explore innovative technologies. Current projects can be found here.

GMM LIVE May 2009

toronto-freedom-festivalWorldTV is working with the Toronto Freedom Festival to co-produce a live broadcast from their event in Toronto. With over 200 cities taking part, WorldTV is inviting people to contribute footage from their city or country on Saturday May 2nd.

Main project page and instructions

Oysters and Champagne Mar 2009

Our first official WorldTV live event. WorldTV produced an on-location 2 hour live broadcast from one of London’s top restaurants Galvin at Windows. BBC Food and Wine Expert Nigel Bardon was the host of the broadcast which took place on the top floor of the Park Lane Hilton in London.

Blog post wrapping up the event and how it was put together

U2 LIVE from London Feb 2009

This project came about serendipitously and was our first public experiment with live broadcasting. Through the power of Twitter, more than 2000 people tuned in to watch U2 perform live from the roof of the BBC building in London. The whole thing was organized including all promotion in under an hour.
Founder’s blog post talking about the event