Daily Motion and WorldTV

Posted by on Dec 20, 2007 in Technical | 1 comment

We love Daily Motion, it’s a great video hosting site, unfortunately some WorldTV users are currently experiencing problems with Daily Motion clips in their WorldTV channels. We have an idea what the problem is, and assure you we’ll be on the case with fixing it as soon as Xmas is out the way.

Have a wonderful holidays and don’t forget to show your relatives how easy it is to create their own channel on WorldTV!

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  1. Hello
    i had problems like you said and there was no video from dailymotion working on worldtv. But not only on your website, also blogs etc.
    Dailymotion just changed the way they were managing videos identification, the id in the url is now the SAME as the real video id for swf call.

    so i hope it will be easyer now for you :)

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