The best channels on WorldTV – now better!

Posted by on Jan 24, 2008 in Change Log, Technical | 2 comments

Our popular World Page allows you to see Top 40 channel listings for over 100 countries, and we’ve now made the top 40 even better. We’ve improved the way the ‘best’ channels are calculated, and the new charts are now much fairer and higher quality.

We’ve also added an Editor’s Pick icon for channels that we think are cool.

Watching channels from around the World can be addictive!


  1. Hola. Somos un colectivo español de videocreadores. Recientemente he creado un canal en worldTV para promocionar nuestro trabajo ( ). El problema es que he creado el canal desde Berlin (Alemania), donde resido actualmente. Me gustaría que nuestro canal apareciera en el listado de canales de España. ¿Es posible cambiar esto? Gracias.

    Hello. We are a group of Spanish video-creators. Recently I have created a channel in worldTV, to promote our work ( The problem is that I have created the channel in Berlin (Germany), where I live now. I wish that our channel appeared in the list of channels of Spain. Is it possible to change this? Thank you.

    We understand and have moved your channel to Spain as you requested.

    WorldTV team

  2. Thank you very much. You are very kind.

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