Webcam feature upgraded

Posted by on Apr 25, 2008 in Change Log, Technical | 7 comments

Our record-by-webcam feature has been the one aspect of the site that we’ve been the least happy with for some time. We’re happy to announce that today it has been upgraded significantly.

There’s still a few things we want to do to improve it further but we wanted to bring you the main improvements right away. Notably the issues that many people were having with audio should now be fixed, we’ve simplified the interface to make it easier to use, and we’ve added visual feedback for volume so you know the audio is working.

Please give the webcam feature a try and let us know any issues or thoughts you have in the comments section below. Some more technical details follow…

Technical – We have removed the resolution options as they were confusing for many people. We have set the resolution and quality to fixed values which should work well for most people in most situations. We plan to improve on this by adding a feature that will auto-test your upload bandwidth upon initialization of the webcam and set the quality and resolution accordingly. This will mean that everyone gets the best possible quality for their connection speed. Naturally people’s internet connections vary a great deal in terms of speed, particularly when it comes to upload speed. This is the relevant aspect for recording video into our site. There is a known issue which remains relating to very short clips. In this situation you may experience the WorldTV buffering logo appearing, although this doesn’t affect the recorded clip.


  1. Ola! Gostei desse sistema de TV, porém no meu canal se coloco pelo menos 3 videos na minha lista , normalmente roda 2 videos sempre os dois e o terceiro nunca roda , ou seja sempre repete os mesmos dois , independente de se selecionar modo casual ou não. Alguem pode me dizer como resolver isso por favor? Grato.

  2. Prezado Luis,
    Obrigado pelo seu email.
    O que voce pode fazer para resolver o seu problema e procurar o mesmo clipe de novo no mesmo site onde voce achou ele e trocar a url velha pela nova no editor do seu canal.
    A Equipe WorldTV

  3. Gosto muito de assistir aos videos,webcans,enfim uma beleza pura!um abraço.

  4. ola , amigos muito bom esse sistema de tv.só falta uma maneira de transmisao ao vivo .um abraço

  5. Prezado spmac,

    Transmissão ao vivo de seu telefone móvel em WorldTV!

    Agora e possivel! Veja o link seguinte:


    A Equipe WorldTV

  6. Very nice and more interesting site for every multimedia lovers


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