WorldTV implements global DNS

Posted by on Apr 6, 2008 in Technical | 0 comments

Ok so this is a bit of a geeky post so feel free to skip if this isn’t your bag…

Tonight we moved all our DNS hosting over to a company called UltraDNS who handle hosting for MySpace, Amazon, Oracle, Digg and other major websites. Basically it means that accessing the website should be just a little bit zippier for our friends in far flung places, and make it generally more reliable. It’s also more secure, meaning our site is less vulnerable to so called DNS attacks.

UltraDNS operate servers all over the world, and although electricity travels at the speed of light, the milliseconds it takes to travel from one side of the world to the other (and back) can add up. By having servers located closer to our friends and users, we can reduce that.

Our new partnership with UltraDNS is all part of our never ending desire to increase the reliability and performance of our service. We’re proud to be in such prestigious company as the excellent sites above.

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