Tip: Link your logo to your site or another channel

Posted by on Mar 1, 2008 in Tips for use | 2 comments

A lesser known feature lets you turn your logo into a link. This link can be to any website.

Some people use this to link their channel back to their website. Others are linking one channel to another channel!

While the latter is something we hadn’t thought of, we encourage experimentation at WorldTV, and a logo link is a simple way you can drive traffic to other places.

The way to do it is simple. Go into Channel Settings and look for the Logo section. Here you can enter a web address for your link. You can also specify the text that appears when someone hovers their mouse over your logo. This is called ToolTip text.

(I wonder what someone from the 18th Century reading these instructions would make of them?)


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  2. gostaria de ver seu vídeo

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