Tip: Make your channel public

Posted by on Apr 15, 2008 in Tips for use | 7 comments

Have you made a cool channel? Want the World to see it?

When you create a channel in WorldTV it is not public by default. This means it will not appear on the WorldTV World page. If you’ve been wondering why your channel does not appear on this page, this is almost certainly the reason.

Simply go into your Editor page and look under Channel Settings. On the Channel tab you should see a checkbox which says ‘List Channel Publicly’. Tick this box and you’re done.


  1. How do I unsubscribe? Or at least change my email address?

  2. Hello Yb,

    You can change your email address in the Editor section, go to Channel Settings, Channel tab. If you wish to Unsubscribe you can un-check the “List your channel publicly” box on the same tab.

  3. Junto al nombre de mi canal aparece la palabra “pick”, que significa?

  4. j invite tout les libres de ce monde a se joindre a nous

  5. Hola CWS,

    “Pick” significa un canal “elegido” por nosotros. En nuestro opinion es un canal interesante a mirarlo.

    Perdona mi español


  6. Hola: mi problema es que no puedo ingresar al área de edición, pues la página queda cargando y nunca aparece el box para la contraseña.

  7. This is so exciting! I haven’t even begun to explore the benefits and connections for Peggy Martin TV. World TV has made it so simple for anyone to participate!!!! I’ll spread the word. Peggy Martin

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