Tip: Hitting refresh often solves problems in the Editor

Posted by on Nov 17, 2007 in Tips for use | 0 comments

The technology that WorldTV is built on is cutting edge. It’s what allows for example the animated video windows that appear zoom-like when you double-click on something, and the way you can move around windows in the screen and drag and drop items just like on your computer. We wanted it to be easy to use so that it is accessible to anyone.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and the program misbehaves. A spinning clockface appears indefinitely, or there’s a window you can’t seem to close. These are all problems we are aware of which will be fixed in good time, but for the meantime a simple solution is to ‘reload’ or ‘refresh’ the page in your browser. You will rarely lose any work as the system automatically saves your stuff every 30 seconds.

So the tip is simply… refresh your browser if weird things start happening!

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