Although hashtags have been adopted by most social networks after Twitter first introduced them, most social media users remain unfamiliar with them and their effectiveness. Hashtag definition A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a # sign and they enable you to categorize your social media posts. For example, should you be publishing content relevant to “weightloss”, your post could include the hashtag “#weightloss”. Hashtags explained As a listening tool, hashtags are also very effective. You can easily listen in to online conversations around a specific topic by simply clicking on a hashtag. By doing so, all the posts published on the network which include that specific hashtag will be listed. If wanting to create your own hashtags for your business, brand or event, make sure you keep it short and easy to spell to make it easier for your audience to join your conversation by adding your hashtag in their posts. A hashtag can include numbers but no punctuation marks and no special characters such as
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