Welcome to WorldTV.com
WorldTV is a collective effort by a group of ambitious young entrepreneurs to establish a worldwide cyberspace television network.

The station, broadcasting live over the internet, will feature exciting stories from all over the world put together by individuals and enthusiasts working in tandem with professional television crews. The idea is to have stories filmed and told by the people themselves and then have them professionally edited for broadcast.

Whether it's a story on the ravescene in Moscow or travelling around Europe on the cheap, the focus will be on fun, entertaining television not currently seen anywhere else.

Using the latest video-streaming technologies, the station will transmit around the globe twenty-four hours a day. Anyone can get involved and there will be ample opportunity for like-minded, talented individuals to become official WorldTV Video-Journalists, representing specific areas of the world.

Similarly we invite like-minded organisations to approach us. We plan to forge long-standing partnerships with both individuals and groups alike.

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