This is one of those depressing notes where an organization has to say it’s shutting down its website.

The reason simply is that YouTube and Google have stopped supporting websites like ours, which use Flash for their interface. To fix this would cost a huge amount of money, and WorldTV has not been a profit making enterprise for some time.

We have kept WorldTV operational far longer than really made sense, but did this because of a pride we took in the site we built, and because of our passionate (albeit, steadily dwindling...) user base. With the GDPR coming into effect this day, and major repairs needed to the site, this was the final straw.

We started WorldTV 12 years ago with a mission to create a new way of sharing videos in the form of a personal TV channel. Times have moved on, but we’re proud of what we built, and hope you enjoyed using it as long as it lasted.

Thank you for being a part of it...

Alx Klive, Founder

Friday May 25th 2018

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