WorldTV is a vision more than 15 years in the making.

Our goal is to build a platform for cloud-based TV delivery, a system that enables anyone to broadcast a TV channel directly into people’s homes.

Our original Manifesto, first written in 1998, and edited very little since, is reproduced below for historical interest. It is a little dated now, but remains the background of how we got here.

  • WorldTV will build a major global television network featuring amateur channel editors and up-and-coming content creators
  • Our aim is to empower anyone who has ever wanted to work in broadcasting; or who has wanted access to the same tools as used in television; or has good ideas for television content and wants to distribute them widely… to achieve their goal.
  • We will provide a framework within which individuals can expand their skills, and a platform from which people can develop their talent. We will provide imaginative projects which people can get involved in, and professional tools with which to implement them.
  • We will provide the very best tools and resources that our community of content creators and channel editors need.
  • We will explore highly original, experimental and innovative technologies.
  • We will run the organization as a ‘Community Enterprise’. This means that the organization is a business, but that success is shared within the community, and the community’s success is integral to business success.
  • We will offer highly innovative Internet TV content, brought to you by everyday people with fascinating stories to tell.
  • We will serve a large and loyal global viewership, of educated and progressive minded viewers.
  • We will do this by working as a community to make this a reality.

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